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BYF.. . . i'm a minor. i'm drained high schooler. always happy to make new friends 💕 all of my socials are 25/7 a safe place. english/tagalog are ok! often publish/unpublish works.

DNI.. . . basic dni criteria, -13/23+ (current moots okay!), anti lgbtq+, misuse pronouns, race/sex-ist, defend/support problematic celebs, mock triggers ... etc.

ults.. . . sihyeon, chaeryeong, sunghoon, yunjin, jisoo
stan.. . . blackpink, enha, txt, twice, newjeans, stayc ++ more
fandoms.. . . jjk, aot, haikyuu, atla + tlok, mcu, dc ++ more
kins.. . . kenma, tamaki, maki, jinora. (i kin just for fun!)

fav shows/movies.. . . avatar: tla, b99, alchemy of souls, our beloved summer, stranger things, your name, attack on titan, bnha, cyberpunk: edgerunners, voltron: ld, jujutsu kaisen, arcane: LoL ++ more.

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DRAFTS.. . . !!

BLACKOUT DAYS.. . . the cosmos is never-ending and seems to be the perfect playing field for atlas.
voltron: legendary defender.
HAVEN.. . . kato hiyori doesn't believe in the divine but when she can't remember the last time she bled, her world shifts off its axis. she can't bleed.
jujutsu kaisen.

EVERYONE BLOOMS.. . . once the snow feels warmth, it'll reveal a flower field. hanada yuki is the field oikawa tooru gets lost in.
FLOWER RAIN.. . . tsuji megumi isn't usually one to care, or try but the new setter might just change her mind.

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